Corter Moon: VA Services

VA Services

I offer a wide variety of virtual assistant services, as outlined below. I have worked for several companies and individuals. You can see their testimonials of my work below. If you are interested in any of my services, please e-mail me directly at

Social Media Management: 

$150/month/unlimited posting

I will manage any of your social media accounts, with unlimited posts, tailored to your specifications. Websites include Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards, WeHeartIt, Tumblr posts, Google Plus and more. 

Blog Threads:

$15.00/daily/unlimited groups

Has your blog grown so big that you can't keep up with blog threads on Facebook anymore? First off, congratulations on your success! Second, I can definitely help you out with this! For $3 a day, I will post and promote whatever you wish, whether it be a blog post, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or anything else!

Blog Posts:

$25/500+ words

Don't have the time to write blog posts for your business? Let me help you out! I have over four years of writing experience, including writing for a newspaper and penning my own books. I would love to help your business soar with high-quality blog posts! Posts will be written to your specifications and you have access to unlimited revisions! 


"Jenn, is a client centred person who replied to my order efficiently and on time, the purchase arrived safely and i am delighted with the service that Jenn provided, I wish her continued success with her venture."
Fee O'Reilly - Client

"Jenn is a pro-active, committed ,responsible and reliable leader. Since I met her, and her job touched not only my heart, touched a complete community and is the kind of person our world needs to be better every day"
Stacy J. Hall - Co-Worker



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