Corter Moon: The Squishy Box Review
Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Squishy Box Review

My little guy enjoys anything and everything cute. If he sees something cute, he tries to hug it. He's a very compassionate little child, I've noticed. But, anyway. When I learned about The Squishy Box, I was pretty excited. I love anything Kawaii and I know that Syrus would most definitely enjoy their box, too! 

When it arrived on our doorstep, I was so excited. I couldn't wait to see what kind of kawaii squishies would be in the box! I certainly wasn't disappointed, neither of course, was my little guy! But some of them look so real that he even asked "Can I eat it?" No, no, you can't eat the squishes, Syrus. Here are some of the awesome goodies that we received:

The Moment Of Truth:

Look at all of those goodies! You know, these could easily be turned into ornaments or keychains, too! They are just so much fun! 

I see where Syrus would want to eat them. They look so real! This is a pink eclair and a swiss roll! Look at those treats, I mean, seriously! How real do they look?!

I totally went crazy over this panda! How cute is it?! And the egg? I just loved it. I laughed when I saw it! 

My favorite was definitely this ice cream cone. Again, it looks so real, but so cute! I have this one on my keychain! 

and finally....

A Hello Kitty shaped squishy in my favorite color, green! 

I was definitely pleased with what was in the box. I thought it was awesome and fun. I think it would make a wonderful gift for any Kawaii lover in your life, or just anyone who loves cute things! 

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