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Picture this. It's summer time, and you want to listen to your jams, because, hey, we all love our music, we can't deny that. But we're parents. We have to always have one ear open for our children. Enter in Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones! They aren't earbuds that go in your ear, nor are they headphone that go on your ear, but they sit right below your ears. Voila, now you have your music and your ears open should the kids need anything. I was super excited when the mail came that day.

We recently had the chance to try out Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones. If you are unfamiliar with bone conduction headphones, I'll explain a little more about it. Instead of being put in your ears, or on your ears, these headphones sit beneath your ears, and rest on the very top of your cheekbones. Music, podcasts, or whatever you enjoy listening to, is then reverberated through said bones. It is really awesome.

The thing that I love most about these headphones is that since they do not go inside my ears, I can still hear what is going on around me. As a mom, that is obviously an important factor, especially with a toddler running around. You've got to have your ears and eyes peeled at all times, am I right, moms and dads? But don't just take my word for it, here is a spec sheet with all of the info that you need!

They would be great for the anyone on the go. The headphones use Bluetooth technology for its wireless capabilities. I like to hook my headphones up to my Spotify account on my cell phone and listen to all of my favorite music that way. Plus, the headphones even have controls for volume, pausing and even skipping songs. Plus, you can even answer phone calls with them. How neato is that?

Note: Corter Moon received compensation in the form of a free product. Thank you to AfterShokz for sponsoring this post.
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  1. these headphones look and sound very cool. i basically just use by apple earbuds. maybe it's time to upgrade! ;)

  2. The AfterShokz Bone headphones look great. I don't like things on our in my ears so these look perfect for me.

  3. I'm 99% sure the lady I was talking to at Starbucks this am had these! They look so cool, I'm going to get a pair now for sure (since more than one person has recommended them!)!

  4. How have I not heard of these? What a great idea! I definitely want to give them a try!

  5. These headphones look great! I'd love to use them at my school with students. The Bluetooth sound perfect for the kids who wiggle and twirl the cord. Are they PC and Apple compatible?

  6. These sound like some pretty awesome headphones!!! I will have to check them out!

  7. Those look AWESOME! I need them for my trip today!