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So, some's stimulus checks have hit, and others are still waiting on theirs. I don't know about you, but as a full-time writer, I put a good chunk of it away for two-quarters worth of taxes. So much fun. But, a writer's gotta do what writers gotta do. As such, I am a writer, and I still do get paid. But as a single mom, most of my money goes to my son, keeping a roof over our head, food on the table, you know the deal. Basics of life.

I haven't been able to put too much money away for my fund for gifts for people. There are things like birthdays, engagements, baby showers, there are plenty of occasions where gifting, well, isn't required, but you know, is the nice thing to do. I've been doing a lot of research. And I mean a lot. There are a thousand and one different things out there that say you can make money or earn gift cards on. But, as you would expect, not all of them are, well, legit.

So, like I said, I've done my research. I'm sharing some of my favorite programs below. I already have $60, and I plan to use that money towards gifts, and Christmas, of course! Check them out below, and if you're interested, please click the link and sign up! I'm even including the privacy policies of all these websites and apps so you can check them out for yourself!
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Little by little the air is getting warmer, flowers are blooming everywhere, and it is that time of year where you can stay outside longer because it doesn't get dark until later on in the night. That's definitely my favorite part. Just chilling and relaxing outside with the people that I love. My favorite time is just when the sun has gone down enough that the sky turns a beautiful purplish pink. Where it's almost dark, but not yet.

We have a fire pit, so sometimes we light a fire, sit around and just chat. Sometimes we make smores. Now though, we have a new companion for our nighttime chats - Mooni! I mean, just look at this beautiful creation! It was practically made for beautiful summer nights!

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When it comes to getting on stage or in front of a crowd, there are times that we are bound to get nervous. We likely get "butterflies in our stomach" or a little bit of stage fright. That is pretty natural, though. It is what we do with it that matters. We cannot let it eat at us, but we must overcome it. There are things that we can do to improve our public speaking skills. Here are five tips for public speaking.

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Have you ever ordered a beer and taken just one sip and immediately found that it was not what you were expecting? Some mass-produced beers are just like that. They just taste like they do not have that special something about them. With craft beer, you can tell that the brewers have put their blood, sweat, and tears (not literally), and their heart and soul into creating the perfect craft brew for you to kick back, relax with, and enjoy.