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There are so many amazing women out there. They have that drive, an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps them going and drives them to create some of the most amazing things out there. Angela Wei Milk sat down to discuss gender in marketing and businesses. Did you know that 17% of marketing and ad agencies are run by women? How awesome is that? Anywho, I wanted to share some of my fave amazing ladies who are absolutely killing it out there! From an amazingly creative artist to an amazing woman with a  fierce and fiery spirit and a heart for God, check out what they have to offer! 

Heather Born

After running a freelance writing business of her own, making some beaucoup bucks with some major household names, she had had enough of it. It was draining her, but she was doing it to make money in order to support her family. At the end of 2019, she ended up shutting her freelance writing business down in order to achieve her dreams, and that is just what she is doing. 

She is building up the Born Iconic, a service-based brand, as well as a product-based business called Joy Riot! She has three different "legs" of her Born Iconic brand. The Born Iconic Sisterhood, The Born Iconic Style Method, and the Born Iconic Mastercrew. She is all about REACHING GOALS. 


Isabel Chau first started making accessories for her daughter to match her child's outfit. Her daughter always loves dressing up and having matching accessories. Then she began selling to other mamas out there. It was all uphill from there. 

She continues to create accessories in order to put a smile on the face of little girls everywhere. At the moment she is focusing on making more racially diverse accessories because she believes we need them in the world, and I totally agree! Her future plans include growing her business. She also has a Matilda Jane business that she is currently focusing on. She says, she wants to use her "awareness of racial equity to increase racial diversity in the boutique world. Big boutique brand needs more women of color on their team, we need to see more women of color owner in Thai boutique world."

Erika Ayala/Sombraluz Images

Erika is an incredible artist that expresses herself throughout her artwork. She was first inspired by the cartoons of her childhood, like My Little Pony, Digimon and Care Bears. Her paternal Grandfather Castor Ayala, a master Artist in Puerto Rico is also a huge inspiration in her life. Her hope is to one day make children's books and comics and for it to be animated! She wants to be able to give back some of that whimsy that we lose when we grow up. I for one think she is doing an amazing job! 

Libby Ann Murray Phillips

Libby is a woman on a mission. She began selling Paparazzi jewelry and accessories (who doesn't LOVE those?) She had been buying it for years and she wanted to start paying herself instead of somebody else! Her future plans are to grow her business so that she can pay off her mortgage. She loves to inspire woman to look and feel their best. 

You've got to check out Angela Wei Milk to learn more about gender in marketing and business! Who are your favorite female entrepreneurs?

C-section Scar? Five Tips

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. Welcoming a new little one into the world is an experience like no other. It does not matter what way they come into the world, may it be natural or through a Cesarean section. Your newest little bundle of joy will change your life forever. However, if you did have a Cesarean section delivery, you will be left with a scar.

But worrying about scars and stretch marks are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as there are new and incredible treatments that can help new moms reduce and nearly get rid of their C-section scars, as well as tips for taking care of your scar after you have given birth. We have outlined some of them below.



This is probably one of the biggest things that you can do in order to heal properly from your C-section and to make sure that your C-section scar does not get infected. It can take a little while for your body to heal, so getting rest when you can is extremely important because you want to be able to care for your newborn, after all. Take the advice of many a mom, sleep when the baby sleeps. Even if it is just for a small amount of time, it is taking care of your body, and that is what you need to do as a new mom.


Keep the Area Clean

It is extremely important that you keep the area where your C-section scar is clean. Otherwise, you open yourself up to acquiring an infection, and that is no fun at all. You will want to take some warm water, and a sponge or facecloth, and gently let the warm water run over the scar, and just ever so lightly rub some soap in. Then, rinse with more warm water. Pat it dry. By doing this, it will heal much quicker. Once it is healed, you will begin to feel much better.



This world that we live in is an absolutely incredible one, and it is one that is evolving all of the time. If you want to diminish the appearance of your C-section scar, as well as to help the pain, CicaLux Energized Scar-Care is a new product developed in Europe that will help you to do so in the comfort of your home!  It has won many awards including these in the USA: National Parenting Product Awards: Best For Mom and the Mom’s Choice Awards: Gold. I myself have just recently learned about it, and I can say with confidence that it is something that I want to look into for my scars. I believe it is well worth a look into seeing what it can do for you.

Ask for Help

Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it! You are a new mom, after all! If you aren’t feeling the best on a particular day, and you have family that can come over and help you, ask them! Many friends and family members often help new moms because they’ve been in the same situation! Not only will you get a break, but they will get to come over and see your newest little addition to your family. It is a win-win for everyone!


Gentle Exercise

It’s not time to get out there and do cardio just yet. But getting up and going for gentle walks around the block will help you in a few areas. It will help to prevent any blood clots that may form by sitting for too long. It also helps with constipation and keeps things moving. By doing gentle exercise like this, you are retraining your body, remember, it isn’t the same as it was before, it created a human being. It gave life.


By following these tips, you will be well on your way to a great healing journey with your C-section scar, and you can enjoy your newest family addition and life to the fullest!

This sponsored article provides general information and discussions about health and related subjects. The information and other content provided in this article, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment.

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If there is one thing that I have been getting into during this whole quarantine thing, it is makeup. I've just become fascinated with it, so much so that I have been purchasing more and more of it! I am even trying to learn tutorials on how to contour among other things! It has been so much fun learning about makeup. One thing that I do like to make sure about is where my makeup comes from, and if it is tested on animals. That is an important thing to me. 

I was super excited when I discovered Amanda Jo Organic Bunny. They are all about organic makeup and sell a variety of different brands that are organic. You should have seen me on the website, I was like a kid in a candy shop. I have for sure got to save my money so that I can go on a makeup shopping spree! Here are some of the products that I want to snag when the time comes! 

Complete Face Brush Set In Rose Gold

I have been dying for a brush set, and this is absolutely beautiful! I've been learning how to use brushes, and I want a whole set, and this set is gorgeous! It comes with a lip brush, eye shading brush, tapered blending brush, tapered highlighting brush, round top blending brush, a pro precision brush, a brow and lash spoolie, and a flat definer brush. I just really love the beautiful color of this set, and I would adore adding it to my collection! 

Au Naturale Swipe-On Essential Eye Pencil In Graphite

When it comes to Amanda Jo Organic Bunny, the website has a vast variety of different eyeliners. Let me tell you, I am an eyeliner fiend. I absolutely LOVE eyeliner. I have a ton of them. But upon checking out the Organic Bunny website, I saw this gorgeous eye pencil! Can you even? Just look at it! It looks so easy to use, which I love, all you have to do is swipe it on and go! Can you ask for anything more? 

Captian Blankenship Silver Fox Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

I have some looong hair. Some really thick hair too. It is a naturally wavy head of hair, too. When I laid eyes on this gorgeous shimmer spray, I fell in love with it! It helps your hair to give off more beachy waves than it did before. Not only that, but it gives your hair a beautiful shimmer, too! I would love to sport a gorgeous shimmer in my lemon-lime colored hair! Could you just imagine how amazing that would look!

Lily Lolo Shimmer In Star Dust

I have recently discovered the joys of highlighter, and just what it can do for your face structure. Needless to say that I am in love with it. I love swiping it up to my cheek and making my face glow in a beautiful way. I already have a highlighter, a few actually, but I wouldn't mind adding this to my collection! Can you just imagine? It looks like it blends in just beautifully, and I would be so pumped to have this in my makeup collection. 

Eyewear In Maxwell Black
Okay, so they even have accessories, from gemstones to journals and so much more. Even home decor! You need to check them out in order to truly enjoy all of their products. I eyed (pun intended) up these amazing blue-blocking glasses! I am on the computer a lot as a writer. That is why I need to keep a couple of pairs of these babies on hand because I never know when I am going to need to write an article, wherever I am! 

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Television is something that I do particularly enjoy when I can find downtime. What is that these days? But in all seriousness, I actually do have a pretty broad range of television shows that I enjoy. I would love to share them with you below and tell you a little bit about each one. Who knows, maybe you'll feel inspired to check out one of my favorite television shows, too! And since we are talking about television, I have to shout out Sam Haskellformer Executive Vice President and Worldwide Head of Television for the William Morris Agency, one of the longest-running talent agencies out there.