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Sunday, March 11, 2018

O, Generalization?

So, everyone knows by now, that I am not a well person. I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses, and pass out here, there and nearly everywhere. Well, I've had a catheter in since last Monday, and I went to have it removed, and well, long story short, I passed out in my doctors office, woke up, started choking because I thought I had to throw up, lost my breath, blah, blah, blah, they ended up calling 911. Fun fun fun. Hey, that rhymes! 

Anyway, the ambulance squad arrived and got me calmed down, and took me back to the ER, where I was the night before. But it was along the ambulance ride that really got me fired up. You know how someone always rides in the back with you in an ambulance? Yeah, someone was riding in the back with me. They were doing their normal job, asking about my medical history, and of course, medications. When they got to my Valium (Yes, I'm on Valium), he said "Woah, what're you on that for?" I said my OCD. 

Then what he said next sent my blood boiling. He said "Oh, you must be one of those people who needs to have everythiing in order." I wanted to scream EXCUSE ME? That is not the only type of OCD that there is out there. I wished that people would recognize that. What do I suffer from? I'm not the person who needs to have everything in order, or needs to tap my foot ten times, though I understand those who do.

I have Pure O. Which I will explain a little more about below. 

Pure O means Purely Obsessional. All I have are thoughts. Merely thoughts. Well, not merely. They aren't mere, by any means at all. They are scary thoughts. 

Here, I will let Intrusive Thoughts do the talking for me. "Harm OCD is a common subset of OCD in which sufferers are constantly worried about causing harm to themselves or others. These thoughts are so common that 85% of the non-OCD population admits to having unwanted violent thoughts, including thoughts about harming themselves and loved ones.
However, for Harm OCD sufferers, the presence and frequency of these thoughts is debilitating. They are far more upsetting than occasional images or thoughts of violence. They are repetitive, graphic and can get in the way of completing simple, day-to-day tasks."
Alright, that's out there. Yes, I have harm OCD. Yes, I've not admitted that to too many people. Do you even know how SCARY that is? 
But Intrusive Thoughts also said this:
"Having intrusive thoughts does not make you a bad person. They are a misfiring in the brain, not a reflection of your character."
My psychiatrist has reassured me hundreds of times over that my thoughts are ego-dystonic, meaning that they are the furthest thing from my character and person that I would never ever do anything that pops into my head.
*breathes* *whoo* 
That was a big admission. But I knew it was coming someday. I want to educate others about OCD, and Pure O, and Harm OCD, because I'm not ashamed, it is real and the stigma needs to end! 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

6 Things I Love Being About Your Mom

There are so many things in this world to love about family. I learned that when I created my own little family with my husband. When we had our son, Syrus, we found out what love truly is. Our little love was born. My little mini-muffin, as I like to call him. He may be a little pain sometimes - I mean, what kid isn't? But there are so many things to love about my little guy!

1. He's A Lovebug

Anytime someone is upset or crying, he will come up to them and give them a hug. If there are tissues handy, he will run and grab run, and come running back and give it to the sad person. I can't count how many times he has done this for me.

2. Soccer Star

He loves to play soccer! He's in year 5, I think, if my calculations are correct! He's growing up so fast! He enjoys playing with the other kids, kicking the ball around, and just having a grand old time with the kids and having fun.

3. Silly Syrus 

Oh, the things that comes out of this kid's mouth! There are so many things. He's said things in public that could get me arrested, or for example, standing on a stool, he proudly yells, "I like being high!" and boy do we have to control our laughter! He's a walking laugh factory, he always can make me laugh and bring my spirits up, and I love him for that.

4. Dapper Gent

He is a proper gentleman. We have taught him to say please and thank you and to be kind to others. He has done very well with this, and we are very proud of him for it.

5. He's A Ladies Man 

He's too cute when it comes to girls, he is the shyest little thing in the world. But put him in front of a camera, and boom, instant ladies man. He's like "Hey girls!" With those gorgeous baby blues that he has, I wouldn't don't he would be a lady-killer, but for now, thank goodness, he is still my baby, my shy little Shyrus. Eh, eh, see what I did there?

6. He's Artistic

He's recently taken up drawing, and it's so cool to see how he progresses. I actually pulled a picture of a koala out of his school folder one day and was flabbergasted at how good it actually was! It's neat to watch how it goes along and what else he draws and brings home from school!

Syrus, I love you so very much, know that, even on my "down days," even when I don't feel well, that mommy loves you with every fiber of her being and would do anything and everything for you. You are my world, my life, and my love. Thank you for being my little love.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Goodbeing Unboxing!

You guys know I love everything about cosmetics, or maybe you don't, I haven't mentioned it all that much. But I love cosmetics, and everything about them. I love playing around with different looks and seeing how I look. It's so much fun! I was lucky enough to have the chance to have the chance to receive a Goodbeing Box, whom are all about natural beauty and healthy essentials. But don't let me hold you up! Let's get to what was in the box! Want to learn more about each product below? Click on the photo!


ReChoc is a brand that I've heard of before, but haven't had the chance to try! So I was pretty pumped to try this! It has cocoa polyphenols, and tons of antioxidants in it, so it's chocolate that is good for you! And let me tell you, when you bite into it, it melts right in your mouth! I've never tasted dark chocolate this delicious before! 

Plaine Products Body Wash

When I saw Plaine Products in the box, I got really excited. I've read good things about them, but never got to try them before. I love that they are vegan and cruelty free, and their body wash is kid safe, so this is perfect for even Syrus! I can't wait to try it out! Plus, the best part? Their bottles are refillable, recyclable, etc! How cool is that?

CoPur Hair & Body Butter

CoPur is something that I hadn't heard of, but once I laid eyes on it, knew at once I was in love. Hair and body butter? Yes, please! I love that there are fewer chemicals in it, and it leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and me feeling ready to tackle the day. If you're looking for a vegan option for a moisturizer, this one is it! 

elate clean cosmetics liquid eyeliner

When I heard of elate clean cosmetics, I never thought that I would be trying it out! But here I am! Their ingredients are toxin free, made with clean ingredients and are even gluten free. I'm loving that last part. I have family members that can't have gluten, so that's a cause that's near and dear to my heart. This eyeliner is a must-have for your eyes. 

Akar Skin 4 Piece Sample Featuring Neat Remedy Face Serum

I've vaguely heard of Akar before, all good things of course! Again, when I spotted this in my Goodbeing box, I was rather interested! In this sample kit comes ruby tint lip butter, which I love, lush balance toning mist, nutrient boost eye serum, and neat remedy face oil. One thing that is pretty neat is that these are all made with organc/and or wild harvested ingredients. Isn't that interesting? I found it to be! 

Curandera Remedies Therapeutic Eau De Parfum in Majmua

This is another brand that I had not heard of, but was excited to try. Let me tell you, it smells incredible! I am absolutely over the moon about this eau de parfum! It lasts throughout the day, which most perfumes do not hold up like that. Plus, it is great for keeping your mind stimulated and the self relaxed throughout the work day. This one is definitely a keeper. 

Goodbeing is an incredible service, and it is so easy to sign up for! It's so easy to sign up for, too! You choose a plan, between beauty, or lifestyle, then you fill out a member profile so your box will be super personalized for you, plus you get the option to choose 1-2 items each month. Lastly, you enjoy your personalized box and explore new beauty/lifestyle products that you will fall in love with for sure!

Thursday, February 22, 2018 $100 GIVEAWAY!

Signage is a beautiful thing. It makes a house feel more home-y, if you will. Artwork, in and of itself, lends beauty to ones home like nothing else can. You can feel the way it can touch deep into your inner self. is a website that offers up all kinds of awesome artwork and signage for your home. And I must say, it is beautiful. Don't believe me? Take a look at this amazing sign work that they did for my family:

Isn't that incredible? The craftsmanship is absolutely impeccable and you can feel the love and care that went into building this beautiful sign for our family. Now we have a keepsake that we will treasure forever.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Access To Mental Health Needs To Happen NOW.

In reference to the February 14th shooting that happened in Parkland, Florida, my heart is broken for the families that lost their children, and the teachers that lost their lives trying to protect their students. And of course Facebook was filled with all kinds of different photos of the typical "Thoughts and Prayers" - which I have nothing against, the argument over gun ownership, blah, blah, blah. I tried to stay out of it, I truly, really did. But one thing got me fired up. 


This is really upsetting, as someone who is living with mental illness. I really tried to stay out of all the Facebook chaos, but like I said, this got me really fired up. I'm someone who is on psychotropic drugs. Do you see me going around with a gun shooting up schools? I realize this is grounds for a real discussion and everyone has different opinions on the subject. But let's start with the basics. 

If indeed these shooters were all on psychotropic medications, how do we even know they were taking them correctly? They could have been prescribed to them, however, we don't know if they were taking them. There was no way to know that. Absolutely no way. This is a complex issue with a lot of aspects behind it. You know, for every single person in that picture above taking psychotropic drugs, there are thousands of others taking those drugs, who are responsible gun owners, I'm sure. 

Now, I can't make a commentary on gun control, because my family does not own a gun, nor do we know many families who own guns. This is a bigger topic then just arguing over this or that. Would it matter if we had a healthier attitude towards guns? I don't know. I know that in other countries there are stricter laws, and lower rates of mass shootings.

I know that mine is just one opinion in a sea of thousands of others. But I wanted it to be heard. 

But my point here is, we need better access to mental health services. There needs to be therapists that perform weekly check-ins via phone, e-mail, messenger, etc. It needs to be easier to get to psychiatric appointments, it needs to be easier, even if people don't have insurance to get into mental health services. 

As you all know, I live with mental illnesses, BPD, MDD, OCD, and GAD. I'm certainly not ashamed of any of them. I used to be. I definitely thought I had to be ashamed of them, and to keep myself hidden in the dark about them. However, I am not anymore. If I could do more to help those with mental illness, I would. But being chronically ill, it's kind of hard to do it. But what I can do is provide resources for those in need. So please, if you're having trouble, please reach out to one of the resources below. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

LiveGlam KissMe!

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review. This in no way influences my opinion. 

I'm sure that you ladies know the feeling of disappointment that washes over you when a lip color doesn't hold up to it's standards. I know, because I've spent money on plenty of different lip colors that don't do their thing. But I recently came across a brand that does exactly what it says and holds up for hours and hours. Enter LiveGlam KissMe Subscription Service

I was lucky enough to try LiveGlam lip color and let me tell you, I won't be going back to my old lip-stains, lip colors, lip glosses, any of that. I love this stuff! It glides on smoothly and holds up nicely during the entire day. 

I was excited to try the three different colors I was sent, which were Secret Admirer, Flirt, and Valentine. I fell in love with these colors, especially Flirt, because I like a light, more muted tone to my lippies. But all three colors were absolutely gorgeous! 

So, if you're on the hunt for a brand new lip color that'll hold up, look gorgeous on you, and arrive on your doorstep every month in a three brand new colors, then LiveGlam's KissMe Subscription Service is the right service for you! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

6 Smart Saving Practical Tips to Save Money

To save money is never too easy. There are so many people that till date find it difficult to even plan for a vacation since they have to save it further for investment to the installments to be paid. While there are still so many people who are in debt if you don’t want to be a part of it, then here are some of the tips that may help you:

  1. Avoid Paying Banking Fees & Use Credit Cards Rewards:
You can use the bank only for automatic deposits, free checks, bills and reimbursement for different ATM fees. You need to avoid paying for the services that offer additional features and so on.
If you tend to use a credit card then you can use the cash back credit card for the purchases that you make. Most of the credit cards offer this facility. This way you don’t even have to pay interest fees and save more money. If not credit card then you can consider the cash reward that you may get from your debit card.

  1. Money Saving Tips to Opt:
If you want to cut back your expenses, the first thing you need to do is make a track of the same. Tracking would give you clear ideas of what expenses were spent and where was it actually being spent a lot. Organizing your expenses is always a good thing you can do. Each day if you are spending around $3 on outside food and eatables then you are spending around $120 which is not something to be taken so lightly. This means you need to focus on other expenses as well such as food, clothing, and bills to name a few.

  1. Track Down Expenses
If you want to cut back your expenses, the first thing you need to do is make a track of the same. Tracking would give you a clear idea of what expenses was spent and where was it actually being spent a lot. Organizing your expenses is always a good thing you can do. Each day if you are spending around $3 on outside food and eatables then you are spending around $120 which is not something to be taken so lightly. This means you need to focus on other expenses as well such as food, clothing, and bills to name a few.

  1. Plan a Budget
If you are planning to simply save money without a proper budget on the same then you are highly mistaken. You need to put together a budget once you organize your expenses. The budget shall be prepared on monthly basis. It must explain you about all those expenses that you are making over the monthly income. This would eventually help you to limit down the unnecessary spending and purchases. When you create a budget, make it a point that you also include the expenses that usually happen but not on monthly basis.
  1. Don’t Collect But Start Selling:
There was once a situation when people use to assume that collection of things would make them rich. However, the fact is completely different. Don’t collect the items; it can actually make the valuable time and investment a big loss. Instead, if you want to utilize the money that you have spent already, you need to start selling it. This way you can use the funds to achieve financial goals and thus, invest it further in which there are high chances for you to get the valuable returns.

  1. Invest in a Property:
Property investment is always a good thing. Many states have been following federal government leaders. This has lead to an increase in the estate property but in New Jersey, if you have assets that also include your home which is more than $675,000 then at the time of your death the state will cut down a certain amount from it directly. That is why make it a note that you choose the options from professional experts from which you will actually be able to focus on better properties where you can invest wisely and earn good returns.
Remember, before you buy any kind of property at the diamond beach or planning to buy one, make sure you do a good homework. At Daniel Realty our professional experts who can help you get a clear idea about the properties and which can be in the budget. So start with your homework today and make it a point that you don’t make mistakes in terms of finance like earlier and get the best solution that would help you stabilize the money matter and stay stress.

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