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Monday, February 17, 2020

The Best Online Homeschool Science Classes!

This post is sponsored by College Prep Science. 

I remember being homeschooled. I enjoyed it, learning at my own pace. It was great!
At the time, there really was not too many online options to learn about anything, let alone science,
which was one of my favorite subjects! But we're talking 15 years ago!
Today, there are resources aplenty! The best online homeschool science classes
are taught by Greg Landry!

Greg Landry’s academy of online homeschool science classes for 6th-grade through 12th-grade students
offers the expertise of a former college professor/homeschool science teacher with 20+ years of
teaching experience and the convenience of not having to leave home. Professor Landry offers:
  • College prep” online classes for students who will likely be college science majors
  • Life prep” online classes for students who likely won’t be college science majors or likely won’t attend college
- Biology - College Prep (9th-12th) - Two Semester Class
- Life Prep Biology (8th-12th) - Two Semester Class
- Chemistry - College Prep (10th-12th) - Two Semester Class
- Life Prep Chemistry (9th-12th) - Two Semester Class
- Life Prep Physics (9th-12th) - Two Semester Class
- Human Anatomy & Physiology (9th-12th) - Two Semester Class
- Pre-Anatomy & Physiology (6th-9th) - One Semester Class
- Pre-Chemistry (6th-9th) - - One Semester Class
- Pre-Biology (6th-9th) - One Semester Class
- Pre-Physics (6th-9th) - One Semester Class
- ACT Prep Bootcamp (8th-12th)

Professor Landry says, “The depth, breadth, and pedagogy of many college-prep
Biology, Chemistry and Physics classes leaves many "non-science"
students frustrated, uninterested, and ultimately learning very little.
I find that students in this situation often miss the big picture and they don't have an
overall understanding of the subject matter that is so critical in these sciences.
They can't see the forest because they're lost in the trees. Our "life prep" classes are
basic high school level classes, enable students to see the forest, and will allow them
to learn science through the lens of their God-given interests and talents.”
In the words of a homeschool parent…
"Greg, ...what you did for our daughter will have far-reaching effects.
You showed her that learning can be enjoyable..."
Thankful in Indiana
Jim H.

These online homeschool science classes also include lab experiments and graded lab reports in
Professor Landry’s virtual homeschool science laboratory.
Students attend class weekly (either live or by recording), turn-in homework, and are
tested on a regular basis. These classes are all-inclusive and provide students with an
enjoyable, comprehensive science experience.
Homeschool dad, scientist, and former college professor, Greg Landry, offers live, online homeschool science classes,
Homeschool ACT Prep Bootcamp, the Homeschool Mom’s Science Podcast,
in-person two-day science lab intensives nationwide, freebies for homeschool moms,
and student-produced homeschool print publications.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

10 Things I Want To Do This Year

I have quite a list of things that I want to do. I'm talking about a huge list that I want to do. I have so many business ideas. I, of course, do not have any kind of business degree. However, I have seen so very many of my online friends and other bloggers launch their own businesses. In addition to business ventures that I would like to explore and feel out, there are, of course, other things that I want to do this year. Here is a list of my top priorities this year.

1. Read At Least 20 Books

I've been wanting to make reading goals for quite a few years now. I already have one book behind me. I just finished reading Idiot by Laura Clery. I totally recommend it. I could not put it down! I want to read mostly books written by fellow bloggers, well, the bigger more successful bloggers. You guys know what I mean.

Speaking of books...

2. Work On My Next Book

I do have a few books under my belt. But honestly, while I did write them, I never traditionally published them. They are only published through Amazon. I want to write a book on OCD, and how I live with purely obsessional OCD. So, during the year, in between jobs, I would like to begin work on that book. I even have a working title: The OCD You Cannot See. Right, right?

3. Boost My Self Esteem

This is something that I have grappled with for a long long time. It probably began after my dad passed away. I'm not entirely sure. But I want to work on boosting my self-esteem. Perhaps read a book or two on it. Does anyone know of any good books on it? Let me know in the comments. I would love to read it.

4. Blog More

There is no doubt that in 2019 I was in a bit of a depression. It was a bit of a nutty year for me. As that happened, blogging, which I absolutely love to do, fell by the wayside. I used to crank out a blog post or two a week. But I kind of gave up on it. So, this year, I want to take more time to write and blog more. - STARTED!

5. Build A Website For Positivity In Pain

This is something that I have been yearning to do for years, guys. I want a fully responsive totally awesome website for my chronic illness support group, Positivity In Pain. It's a place where those living with chronic pain can visit for a little bit of laughter and levity. We finally raised enough funds through a tee-shirt fundraiser to fund the website, and I could not be more excited to begin working on it! - STARTED!

6. Take A Class/Course

I really want to take a course in something. I never did get to finish college, or even finish a course. But nowadays you can do so many things online. I'm thinking about maybe taking a course in writing, creative writing, perhaps? Maybe something journalistic. I'm not entirely sure. But I do want to take a course, even if it is a short one, at some point during this year.

7. Don't Let OCD Win

This one might be a little tough. But I do not want to keep letting my OCD thoughts rule me. I do not want them to ruin my day any longer. Yes, I am on medication for them that controls it for the most part. But I have my days. 

8. Bead More

I miss beading, I really do. I used to do it so often, too. Plus, I keep buying beads! I need to do something with them! I also want to do more craft shows, too. I miss doing those. I love making jewelry, I just have to put my mind to it when I have some free time. 

9. Vacation With My Family 

It has been a good 12 or so years that my family and I have been on vacation anywhere. Whether it was because of illness or funds, we just were not able to go. But this year, my family is planning, while it is only a weekend trip, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My mom and my 85-year-old grandmother love Amish country, so we are going in late July to the beginning of August! Plus my boyfriend will be joining us. 

10. Take Things Day For Day

I've always had trouble with this. I always want to know what is going to happen tomorrow before tomorrow comes. I want to see the future, I want to know what is going to happen. I want to be prepared. But I know that this is not the plan that God has laid out for me. What will happen, will happen. So, I need to take a deep breath and step back and enjoy each day for what it is. 


I want to spend every absolute moment that I can with my amazing boyfriend. I've never met anyone like him in this world, and he is absolutely incredible.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Cat's Meow Giveaway BLOG HOP!!!

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Here at Corter Moon, I'm giving away ANOTHER cool pair of earrings! My "Sparkle Potion" earrings! 

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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Corter Moon: Love Is In The Air Giveaway!

Hey, guys! Since I am getting back into the swing of blogging, I am giving away one of my more popular pair of earrings - the corkscrews! This is a blog hop! Meaning you can head to another blog from mine to enter to win even MORE GREAT PRIZES! Check it out below!

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What Are Some Sustainable Energy Sources?

This post is sponsored by DiamondLinks

There is no doubt that everyone has heard about the global climate crisis. The planet is warming up at a rapid rate. So, what can we do about it? Well, global citizens as a whole are trying to switch to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. This is in order to heat up the planet less, well, at least at a less rapid rate. But, at least the good news is that there are various energy sources that don't contribute to the global warming crisis. 

Obviously, the two biggest things that are contributing to our planet's downfall are things like carbon emissions (from our cars and trucks), and the electricity that we use at home and in our workplaces. Luckily, though, there are quite a few different sustainable energy resources that are renewable. I will review some of them below. 

What Is Sustainable Energy?

Sustainable energy is a form of energy that is collected from a renewable resource. What this means is that we do not have to fear running out of this energy source, like we often do with fossil fuels like coal and natural gases. I have listed some of the larger and more used sustainable energy resources below with a short explanation. But other ones include water, geothermal heat, tides and more. 

Solar Power

Solar energy power is actually a quite simple concept to understand. Through the use of solar panels, we are able to capture the energy of the sun. Solar panels consist of many solar cells. When they are wired up together, that creates something called a solar array. But how exactly does it work? 

A photon, which is something that makes up all light becomes a bundle of electromagnetic energy. When a photon hits a solar cell, electrons are loosened from their atoms. When a conductor is attached to the negative and positive sides, it creates an electrical circuit. As the electrons flow through the circuit, boom - we have solar energy that generates electricity! Even on cloudy days solar energy works! 

Wind Power

You may have heard about wind turbines before, and perhaps you have even seen them. Technically, they are also a form of solar energy. Those giant windmills? They are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide energy to be generated into electricity. Many farms and ranches are making the switch over to wind-powered energy in order to make their homes and businesses more sustainable. 

Wind turbines turn the kinetic energy that the wind creates into electricity that is then turned into mechanical power. The advantages of using wind power is that it is a clean resource, and there will never be a shortage of wind around. The great thing about wind power is that it does not pollute the air, emit greenhouse gases or cause any type of acid rain. It is a clean energy source. 

Douglas Healy, of Healy Law Offices, LLC, is a renowned lawyer that is championing the adoption of sustainable energy resources. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

Nature or Nurture? Why Not Both With This Amazing Box?!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my honest opinion and review. 

Everyone talks about self-care, and why it is important. But so many of us never seem to get around to it. But self-care is something that is special. It is a moment in time that is taken, just for us, to take a deep breath and sit back and watch the world go by, even if just for a few fleeting minutes. I truly believe that self-care is important. We need it, and it is inherent to our wellness and being as a whole. That is why when I find a product or a company that can not only help myself but also others? Well, I have to share it.

Please allow me to introduce you to the Nature-Nurture Box. They are fairly new, but they are completely amazing! Below is an excerpt from their webpage stating what their box is all about!

"We are passionately providing natural products, motivation, and support of your wellness. The Nature-Nurture Box brings the outdoors inside, and offers monthly encouragement packed inspiration on your self-care path! Each month we thoughtfully curate packages filled with inspiration, all-natural and hand-crafted products, and lifestyle goodies that are consciously created and always cruelty-free. We promote small and home-based businesses and artisans."

Sounds really awesome, doesn't it? I was recently given the opportunity to review their boxes, and I am going to share all of my thoughts below. But I have to tell you, this company is so amazing, that Nature Nurture Box just got featured on Cratejoy's blog on 7 Boxes To Live Sustainably In Style! If that doesn't yell out I'M AWESOME, I don't know what does! I know, get on to the review already, right? You guys are just as excited as I am, yeah? Here we go...

First of all, the boxes are very appealing when they hit your doorstep. They are simple and beautiful, with their beautiful logo on the outside of the box. Take a peek below.

It's really lovely, isn't it? I love all of the beautiful colors on the tree. It makes me think of how I like to just sit outdoors and enjoy a book or do my writing. The minute that I laid eyes on the box, I was immediately intrigued and wanted to see what was inside. Here is their December Box and what it contained:

These Lovely Coasters:

I absolutely love these coasters. They are so beautiful. The box contained two of them, and I am proud to use them. I love looking at the sayings on them and be reminded of all of those beautiful quotes about strength, especially adapt to changing tides. That is especially poignant. 

This Beautiful Journal:

Winter blues are ocean hues. What a beautiful saying that really is. Instead of those pesky winter blues, I can write about how I feel in this journal. I mean just take a look at the beautiful photograph that accompanies the saying. It is a breathtaking view of the ocean. It makes me smile and lifts my spirits when I look at it. 

This Organic Lip Balm:

I have to tell you guys, I love lip balms. I have about 10 in my purse. So to add another one to my collection? I was super excited! I used it, and it made my lips feel super smooth and protected. That is really helpful for these cold winters here in northeastern New Jersey! We never know when we're going to get snow! 

These Gorgeous Stones: 

I love stones like this. I am proudly displaying these in my bedroom. Not only do they make beautiful decor, but when I am in pain, I actually can hold these in my hand, to ground myself in a situation. I love these both. When I look at them, I am reminded of all of the bountiful things that I have around me and to be grateful and thankful for all of it. 

This Amazing Soap:

Do you not just adore how these soaps look? They truly remind me of the ocean waves. They are beautifully handcrafted by Sugarysoaps on Etsy. That is another thing that I love about the Nature-Nurture box. They support small businesses like this one. 

Take Me To The Beach!

This is another beautiful item that I received from this box that I found to be special. I actually do not get to beach that often. Being chronically ill, it is kind of hard to do so. But when I first saw this, I smiled a big smile. I loved seeing all the tiny shells and beautifully colored stones that are inside of this bottle. I keep it on my dresser. 


At Nature-Nurture, they were kind enough to also provide me with their January box to review as well! Below is what I received in that box!

I began to wonder how I was going to unleash my inner sparkle. Then I opened this:

Amazingly Beautiful Necklace:

I'm going to be totally honest here. I did a little gasp when I saw it! This is such a beautiful necklace! I mean, you guys know that I am a sucker for anything sparkly, but this necklace is just on a whole other level! I want to save it for special occasions because it is just so elegant and lovely!

Sugar Scrub!

I love sugar scrubs, so I was very happy to find this in their January box! While I have not tried it yet, I am very excited to! It smells so lovely! This sugar scrub is from another great shop on Etsy, BodyButterGirl. Small businesses are our future, guys! You have to take a look at Nature-Nurture and snag a February box! 

Sweet Sunflower Waterbottle:

I definitely saw the theme for this box! Sunflowers abounded everywhere, including on this water bottle! I cannot wait to use this when I go out for walks when it is warmer of course! But this is going to be with me at all times. I love that it is a simple, yet beautiful design. 

More Lip Balm!

This lip balm is, well, the bomb! I love how it moisturizes my lips. But I especially enjoy the scent of peppermint when I put it on! Definitely another one for my bag! 

A Beautiful Thank You Card:

I love any kind of stationery product. So when I saw this gorgeous thank you card in the box, I did a little happy dance. I am definitely going to save it for a special occasion where a special thank-you is needed. Just take a look at that spectacular illustration on the front. I adore it. 

Sunflower Trinket Box:

With this sweet item, I am actually going to save it as a gift for someone. My grandmother absolutely adores anything and everything with sunflowers! When I saw this, I immediately thought of her, and how she could probably make it into a little travel sewing kit! It is just the right size, it fits in your pocket, and you can put whatever you want in it! 

Do you guys see why I got so excited over these two boxes? They were packed to the brim with amazing items, and I loved each and every one of them! 

If you want to check out Nature-Nurture Box for yourself, click the link below! I will also include links to their social pages! 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Do You Need Dental Implants? The Top 5 Indicators

Dental technology has progressed significantly in the recent years in many areas. From cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics to dental implants, the dentists of today are armed with the knowledge, experience and equipment to preserve your dental health for longer than ever before. In the previous years (40 years previous for example), the only solution for long term dental issues was to extract the tooth or teeth and replace with dentures.

Image Source: Unsplash

Many of these dentures were ill fitting and ultimately impacted on the quality of life for the wearer. Thankfully, these times are long gone. Modern dentists can correct most issues without extraction but as people age, this becomes more difficult and the only option remaining is to replace the tooth with a state-of-the-art dental implant. It’s worth bearing in mind that your dentist will only usually recommend dental implants if there is no other option. This applies to dental implants specialist based in North Shore Sydney and all dental implant specialists around the world.

Key Indicators That You May Need Dental Implants

Your dentist will be able to advise you alternatives to dental implants. However, at the end of the day, if dental implants are the most advisable course of action, he will recommend them. If you suffer from any of the conditions detailed below, you may be in need of dental implants rather than dentures or other alternatives.

  1. Bone Loss in the Jaw Area – Bone tissue in the jaw can start to erode in the spaces left by missing teeth. Dental implants are screwed into the missing socket and serve as an artificial root.
  2. Missing Teeth – A missing tooth or teeth are not only dental issues but can impact upon quality of life in general. Struggling to eat meals that others are eating in a social situation or even smiling can be embarrassing and lead to a lack confidence. High quality dental implants can rectify this.
  3. Severely Damaged Tooth or Teeth – Although your dentist will do his very best to preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible, there will come a time when nothing else can be done and dental implants are the only alternative. Several failed root canal treatments are a common cause for many people, particularly as they grow older.
  4. Loose Fitting Partial and Full Dentures – Dentures may have been the only option when you first had them fitted but as previously mentioned, dentistry has significantly advanced in recent years and dental implants are by far the better alternative.
  5. Sunken Face – This is a look that absolutely no one aims for. Commonly seen in long term denture wearers as dentures do not stimulate new bone growth whereas dental implants do.

Image Source: Pixabay

The above conditions are not the only reasons why people may need dental implants, and some can be avoided altogether by attending regular dental check-ups at a well-regarded practice. If you are concerned about any of the conditions detailed above, make an appointment with your local dentist without delay.

This post was published in association with MediaBuzzer