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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rock Your Meals With Recipe Calendar!

It's the never-ending conundrum. Us busy moms and dads are always at a loss towards the evenings when it is time to figure out what to cook for dinner. Something that everyone will enjoy. It's hard, right? But anymore, there are so many applications and cookbooks and websites out there, it can drive you insane on what to cook, where to get the ingredients, how to cook everything, how long it will take, etc.

Enter Recipe Calendar!

Recipe Calendar is a simple and easy to use application for when it comes to choosing meals and purchasing ingredients, and even cooking the food. I've been playing around for it for a while and I am simply fascinated by it. I've downloaded my fair share of applications to help me with meals, but none come close to what Recipe Calendar does for me!

To start off, Recipe Calendar gives you approximately seven different recipes to choose from. One for each day of the week! That takes a lot of the work out of it for me. I don't have to sit down, figure out what to make, figure out what to buy at the store, etc. So. Much. Easier. Another thing I love about it is that they have various meal plans available, including Low-Calorie American Menu For Losing Weight, Tasty and Cheap American Family Menu, Traditional American Menu, Everyday Indian Menu and so much more

They even show you pictures of the ingredients, so you know for sure that you have got the right ones! In addition to that, it tells you how long each recipe will take in approximation. It shows nutritional value for each dish, and you can even share what you are cooking with their sharing options! If you really love a recipe, you can review it! There are even complexity levels, depending on your cooking skills, what kind of cuisine you want to cook and how many people will be eating this meal, so the app can tweak it to the correct measurements and settings. 

How about a recipe of your own? You can add it to the application, where other users are able to see it and use it as well! Your recipe will be seen all around the world! How neat is that? Oh, and if you have a favorite recipe on Recipe Calendar already, you can favorite it! A shopping list also comes with the application, so if you need to go to the grocery store to get ingredients, it is all right there in the palm of your hand! I don't think that there has been an easier application for meal-planning in a long time! They even have a newsletter that you can sign up for! 

All in all, Recipe Calendar is something that will definitely be staying on my phone indefinitely. My husband will love it when I show him it! Gone are the days of sitting down at the table and arguing about what to make for next week's dinners! A new era of meal planning has been ushered in, and I think that it is here to stay! I encourage you to give it a download and join over 10,000 other happy users! 

Note: This post was sponsored by Harmonic Soft. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

What Type of Lamp is Best for Craft Making?

As a crafter, you understand how crucial lighting is to getting your purl stitch just right or in highlighting the flower blooms in your oil painting. Lighting influences the ways in which we interpret the meaning of an art piece, and if it’s off, we risk losing the message we’re trying to send.

Is there anything more embarrassing than giving a needle-pointed garment to a friend only to notice in the bright light of day that it has a missing stitch? Or what about when you learn your quilt’s stitching is crooked at your monthly quilters meeting? You’re not a beginner anymore, so how can you be making these mistakes? Simple answer is it’s the lighting. Limited vision limits our work. We can stop this, all we have to do is get the right kind of desk lamp.

Benefits of Crafting

Crafting has many benefits, including therapeutic. It has been found that crafting can help reduce stress and depression. Painting, writing or knitting (among other arts) helps us to set small goals for ourselves. In setting and accomplishing these goals we are challenging and bettering ourselves. Setting even the smallest goal helps us to set larger ones, and gives us the confidence to do more and more things outside of our comfort zone. But in order to do this, we need the right tools.

Task Lighting

If you dabble in arts and crafts, then you know that task lighting is your friend. Task lighting (unlike accent or ambient lighting) shines a bright, focused light on the activity you are concentrating on, or the “task at hand.” Luckily, lighting stores like Lumens sell desk lamps that offer the lighting you require for your work. Let’s look at four different varieties of task lighting lamps and how they can assist us in our writing, painting and crocheting.

Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp—Koncept

Being a serious crafter, you want to make sure your projects are done well. You take pride in your work and you want to be happy with the end results of a project. Koncept’s Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp is a vibrantly colored adjustable task light built with particular neck joints that allow for the head of the lamp to tilt when you move the arm up or down. Not only is this lamp adjustable, but you can control its light intensity just by sliding a finger over the lamp stem’s brightness control panel. With full control of the lighting, you can power up your project.

Berenice Large Table Task Lamp—Luceplan

Like the Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp, the Berenice Large Table Task Lamp by Lucepan is an adjustable task lamp that features arm joint technology that supports 360° degree rotary movement. You can bring the light source in as close or as far away from your art project as you want. The lamp also doubles as a stylish statement piece in your studio or home office.

OttLite 24W Ultimate 3in1 Craft Lamp with Outlet—Ottlite Lighting

Ottlite Lighting’s 3in1 Craft Lamp features a flexible arm, clip and LED magnifier that will hold your watercolor, zoom in on your chosen plane area and light up your field of vision. The craft lamp also comes with an outlet to plug in your electric crafting tools or your iPod or other smart device to play music while you work.

Stella Sky Floor Lamp—Stella Lighting

Available in black or white, Stella Lighting’s Sky Floor Lamp sits at 12 inches. Excellent for sewing and needlepoint, the Stella Sky Floor Lamp has three different color lighting choices (cool, natural or warm) and is completely adjustable, allowing you to get your lighting as close to the stitch as it can get.

Finding a nice looking, functional task light doesn’t have to be hard. Now you can get your work done in style.

Note: This post was sponsored and written by Ariaa Reeds

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

5 Reasons I'd Give My Left Thumb To Work A "Regular" Job

Disclaimer: This is NOT meant to put down anybody or any job or profession. Merely me professing how I feel.

"You don't know what it's like working a normal job." 

"Trust me, be glad you get to stay at home."

"Why can't you work? You look so healthy!"

"You are SO lucky. You get to write all day."

I've heard all of these, in one form or another. In each instance, every single time, it hurts. Let me enlighten you why I wished and hoped against hope that I could work a "normal" job. Yes, sure, there is one perk, and that is me getting to watch Syrus grow up from the stay-at-home mom perspective. But that is really the only perk to this situation. Here's the top five reasons that I'd give my left thumb to work a regular 9-5 job. 

Bringing In Money For My Family

Yes, sure, I bring in some money for my family via blogging and freelance writing. But trust me, that it is far and few in between. Once again, we don't even have our own place together. My husband works part time as a fish monger, and I try to do my best to write as much as I can, when I can. I wished that I had even just a part-time job so I could bring in a bit of a more steady income. 


Sure, I know a lot of people do not like their co-workers. But some people do. I don't get much of a chance to get out of the house, unless it is with my husband, taking me to a doctors or therapy appointment. Trust me that neither of those allow me to make "friends" or even "accquaintences." People I could invite over for dinner. You see what I'm getting at, right?

I Never Had The Chance

Some people contract chronic illness when they are older, after they have had a career. Now, don't take this the wrong way. I know full well that there are others that are in the same exact boat as me. Those who never had the chance at all to work a job. Like so many others struck down by chronic illness, I wanted to have a career, too. 

I Even Went To A Technical Vocational School

During my first year of high school, I was way too ill to attend high school. I contracted chronic Epstein-Barr virus after a bout of mononucleosis. It was awful. I was in bed all the time. This was also before we knew I had endometriosis. So pile chronic pelvic pain on top of it, and I was a miserable walking, hormonal teenage mess of a girl. But I managed to convince my parents to let me try going to high school. I originally was going to go for culinary, but had a panic attack the first day and actually pulled myself out of school entirely. The next day, I went back to sign back up, but my spot had been taken. So I opted to go for Medical Arts. I either wanted to be a pastry chef or help people as a dietitian. I made it through my sophomore year, which by the end I needed home tutoring for. I made it three weeks into my junior year. I had to finish high school at home via homeschooling. Talk about a crushing blow. 

But You Get To Write All The Time

Yes, this is true. But I can't write all the time. Because the reality is, I'm still sick. I get tired so easily, so I have to dole out my time wisely between Syrus and my jobs. Writing had never even crossed my mind as a viable option to bring in some supplemental income until I met my husband, who drew out my creative side. I had always loved writing, being on any and all school newspapers I could be in. I began with a local newspaper, but when they stopped paying me, I went to online journalism, mostly about parenting, which, to be honest, I knew zero about. Like most new moms, I was flying by the seat of my pants, but somehow, I got to write for some big name sites like What To Expect, Lifescript and HuffPost. I love it now, but it was a long time coming. Once I picked up on blogging and began to make some supplemental income off of that, I fell in love with it. 

So, yes. I am too young to have these conditions. Yes, I do want a job. No, I don't enjoy it all that much to stay at home. But I have these conditions. I'm learning day by day to live with them, even after 12 years of diagnoses. That's the best anyone can do is learn as we go along the path of life. No matter what. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Six Things I've Learned In Six Years Of Being A Mommy

In approximately a week from today, my little one -- ahem, big boy, will be six years old. Six! Can you believe it! I know that every mom goes through this phase of "Where in the hell did that time go? They were seriously just a baby like three months ago." He is going to be starting first grade on September 6th, and it's like Whaaaat? First grade? But he was just in kindergarten. But I digress. Much like my 6 Things I've Learned In My Six Years Of Marriage post, I am putting down the things that I have learned over the past six years. 

1. He Came Along At Just The Right Time

Yup! That's itty bitty Syrus! 

I recall going to a fertility clinic, not because we were trying to get pregnant, but to try and do something with my endometriosis, as all other options had been exhausted. It was a strange and whirlwind experience. They gave me two options, get pregnant or go on Lupron (hint: DON'T DO THAT.) Well, at the time, my insurance company wouldn't pay for the shots, as they were $2000 a piece. And we certainly didn't have that kind of money. My now husband, then fiancee and I talked about it, and figured, why not try? The worst that can happen is that we can't get pregnant, and we could face that down after we were married. I mean, I was 20 now, not 17, when a doctor told me to go out and find a guy and have a child. Yes, yes. He did say that. So, we tried. Surprisingly enough, on December 22nd, I'll never forget the day, I held a digital pregnancy test in my hand that said YES across it. I was a mix of scared to death and excited as all get out. 

2. We Loved Him Before We Even Knew Him 

That's me looking like a blimp! 

Perhaps I jumped the proverbial gun too quickly, but I was all like OMG I'M PREGNANT, GOTTA GO SEE THE OB/GYN! Turns out, I was so early in my pregnancy, and my HCG numbers were so low, the doctor told us it was a possibility that the pregnancy could be ectopic. I remember getting into the car with my fiancee and just crying, both of us, holding each other. This child, we both wanted, may not be a viable pregnancy? Our hearts were breaking into a million pieces for a child we didn't even know yet. But that is where that insurmountable love comes in. We loved this child already. Spoiler alert, turns out, I was just too excited and went too early. 

3. Labor Was The Worst Thing Ever, But I'd
Do It Again

His big arrival! 6:19 PM on August 19th! 7lbs. 5oz. 21in. 

I cannot complain, because my mom and my mother-in-law were in labor for FAR longer than I was. I was in labor for a whole six hours (don't hate me)! His due date was September 1, but when I went to the hospital for what I thought was Braxton-Hicks contractions, my doctor was like "We're gonna meet this baby today!" My first thought was, "No, we're not. I'M NOT READY." But I was definitely probably totally did act like a three-headed monster during labor, especially towards my husband who sat in the corner reading. (I'm looking at you, Jeremy.) While I'm over in the bed feeling like I'm going to die. The hospital staff made me drink cranberry juice, which I proceeded to bring back up all over a nurses shoes. I was even more upset at that point. Then I received my epidural (I'm a total puss when it comes to pain.) But when it ran out I was like I WANT ANOTHER ONE. Then they told me it was time to deliver. So, my husband and mother were there to help deliver my darling little cherub. Okay, serious question, right after delivery, you feel like death, right? They put him on my chest and I was so tired after delivery that I was scared I would drop him, so I told them to get him off me. I probably sounded awful and mean, but I legit didn't want to drop him because I was so tired and lightheaded. This happen to anyone else? 

4. I Love Shopping


Okay, this one isn't a surprise. But oh my gosh, do you know how much fun it is to shop for babies and toddlers? So many cute clothes! I can't stand it! If I had an unlimited amount of money, my kid's closet would be full up with everything in every color. I always joked around that if we ever have a second kid, or if my sister has a daughter, they better watch out, because, well TUTUS. More specifically, RAINBOW TUTUS. There will be frills all over the place. It's still totally fun finding little cargo shorts and stuff for the boy and dressing him up. Especially during the holidays! Can we say little suits and tiny fedoras? 

5. Unconditional Love

Giving daddy eskimo kisses.

If you have read my blog before, you'll know that I have mental illnesses. I tend to cry. I have depression. I take medications, see a psychiatrist and am in therapy for it. However, my little love is the most compassionate child. If he sees anyone, it doesn't even have to be me, he brings them a tissue and offers a hug. Then I start crying because he is too sweet. I always thought myself a bad mom. Until one day, he came up to me and said "You're the best mom." I even had a conversation with him about it, he kind of understands a little bit. He loves me unconditionally, just like his father and I love him unconditionally. It's an incredible feeling that a child that young can grasp these feelings. 

6. Don't Blink 

Yes, yes, yes, yes. I KNOW THIS NOW. I do. There are days where it feels like he was born a few weeks ago. But he's going to be six. Next year, seven. And it will progress as each year passes. Some days, I wished that my dad and stepdad were still here to watch him grow. But I know they see him and watch over him. We hope to give him a sibling at some point soon, but if it doesn't happen because of my body being stupid, then he is our one and only. We love him more than anything in this entire world. 

Syrus Voltaire Corter, you are our world, our son, our moon, our universe. You make us so, so happy. We love you more than you will ever know. Happiest of birthdays to you, my not-so-little love! I truly hope that your life is filled with everything you want. Chase your dreams, follow them. Believe in your self, love yourself. Never let anyone bully you. You are so special. 

Love, forever and always, 
Mom and Dad

Sunday, August 7, 2016

5 Things Not To Miss In Cape Vincent / Clayton NY

It's been about a month now since we've gotten back from vacation up in Cape Vincent, New York. It's about 400 miles from where we live. But my goodness, is it just beautiful up there. It sits right on the St. Lawrence river, and you can see Canada from one of the parks. I love it up there, it's so quiet and quaint. But if you ever find yourself up that way, these are some not-to-miss attractions, stores and parks!

1. 1,000 Islands Cruet - Clayton

Okay, so this one isn't technically in Cape Vincent, but a few towns over in Clayton. But we ALWAYS hit this place when we are up there. We go in and sample a ton of different vinegars. I even tried chocolate balsamic vinegar! Syrus got to get in on the fun this year, until his tummy had enough of the acidity of the vinegar. But we love this place. Their prices are reasonable, and you can sample as much as you want.

2. Koffee Kove Restaurant

We found this little gem of a restaurant, once again, in Clayton, when we first went up to visit my husband's grandparent's. Okay, not only is the coffee delicious, but the food is equally scrumptious! The first year we went, we only went once. This time, we went there as much as we could! I mean, look at the food, it looks so good (and it was)! Make sure you head out to the other side of the buildings to check out those gorgeous murals!

3. Cape Vincent French Festival

This is a festival that happens once a year, usually held sometime in July. There are all kinds of vendors, re-enactments, entertainment and fun for the kids, food, amazing crafts, a parade and so much more. I really enjoyed it! It was my very first one! We walked around, watched the parade a bit, checked out the vendors, it was fun! On the first night, they do an EPIC fireworks show, and I do mean epic. If you ever get the chance to go, do it!

4. Clayton Park / Playground

Sy felt is was time for an impromptu ukulele session.

They couldn't help themselves. #MyHeartWillGoOn

Okay, do you see that playground? Like seriously? They have different sections for different kids of different ages. The playgrounds around here don't have that. And hey, we totally took on the motto that day of "You Only Live Once," so we got in on the fun, too and played on the playground with Syrus. I had NOT had that much fun in such a long time. I hadn't laughed like that in such a long time. We need more playgrounds like these down here in New Jersey. You hear me, NJ? 

5. The St. Lawrence River - Cape Vincent

I think Syrus is casting some sort of spell on the river....

This is the second reason that we come up. It is so beautiful by the water. Tranquil, lovely. We enjoy it so much. Sy loves throwing rocks in the water. Just look at those waves. So beautiful. Here is a video I took of the waves crashing on a particularly windy day. 

A video posted by Jennifer L. Corter (@jlynncorter) on

Needless to say, it is very beautiful in upstate New York. If  you can ever get there, do it! 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Grappling With A New Diagnosis

Many of you know I have Purely Obsessional OCD, Major Depressive Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Like I've said before, I'm a walking dictionary of acronyms. But last week you could have knocked me over with a feather when my psychiatrist told me I have Borderline Personality Disorder


Needless to say, I was scared, upset, sad, a whole plethora of emotions. My family says I'm not my diagnosis. I know that, or at the very least, I am trying to believe that. I really am. I often wonder why my husband stays with me. But he loves me, despite everything. So, I was put on a new medication, Vraylar, and I'm starting to feel a little bit better. 


I really didn't know much about BPD until I was diagnosed with it. According to NIH, it is a serious mental illness (although my psychiatrist did say that I have a better grip on mine than most). It consists of not being able to regulate emotions. That explains a lot. I would get upset out of nowhere, over the stupidest things. Impulsive and reckless behavior is another symptom. However, the only place where I'm impulsive is where it comes to shopping. So, I guess that's there. Finally, unstable relationships. No wonder shit went down the hole with my marriage that I'm trying to fix. 


So far, science doesn't know too much about BPD. Environmental factors such as a loss in childhood (losing my dad at 12), or genetics. So who knows where I've gotten mine from. Could be one, could be both. I'll never know. However, with therapy, Cognitive Behavioral/Dialectical Behavioral therapy, along with the right medication, it can feel like it's not even there. But I'm not there yet. I have a therapists appointment on September 1. So we wait until then to see what they suggest I do. My husband even purchased a bunch of books so we could study them and see how to handle the illness.

So, I've taken a step back, and that's why you haven't seen too much of me lately, or why I haven't finished threads. I've been trying to grapple with this new diagnosis.