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Monday, May 23, 2016

CHOP At Virtua - A Healthcare Facility Close To Home

This post is sponsored by CHOP At Virtua, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Quite possibly one of the most terrifying feelings as a parent is knowing that your child is sick. There is nothing that is worse. Sometimes, children can tell us what is wrong, while other times, it's hard for them to communicate what the problem is, especially depending on their age. Sometimes it takes a the emergency services offered at a place like CHOP at Virtua Voorhees to get down to the root of the problem, and take care of it at the source.

Recently, my son, who is five years-old was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. Talk about a scary situation. It was his first hospitalization since he was born, and it was just all around scary. At one point, we were a bit afraid that we might lose him. But luckily, everything turned around pretty quickly and he is already back to his normal old kid self. But let me tell you, knowing that there are options close to where I live make me feel a thousand times better. I know that my child will be in good hands.

Having a caring team of professionals helping my child is one of the utmost important items to me when it comes to someone taking care of my child. The CHOP Virtua Memorial Pediatric Pavilion, as well as their emergency services are equipped to handle any situation that arises, and go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of their patients. In Voorhees, they even have a Level III neonatal intensive care unit for their littlest patients, while at Virtua Memorial Hospital, they have a Level II intensive care unit, aptly named the “Special Care Nursery.”

CHOP at Virtua is family-focused, and always has been. In addition to emergency care, they also offer sleep medicine, in-hospital care and radiology and imaging. The staff is also proficient in diagnostic testing in neurology, cardiology and radiology. In the emergency department at Virtua, teleneurology support is offered. Pretty neat, right? I know one thing is for certain, next time a healthcare service is needed in our family, we will surely be visiting CHOP at Virtua for all of our healthcare needs!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Why Budsies Will Be Your Child's New Buddy!

Okay, well, Syrus adores stuffed animals. What kid doesn't, right? Somehow we have accumulated at least well over 60 or so. No, please don't ask me where we keep them all. I still don't know. But it's a different one every night at bedtime that he can snuggle. And hey, sometimes even I steal some. They make good pillows. This kid legit has a giant teddy bear, which makes a better floor pillow than anything else. But I'm pretty pumped to share with you Syrus' newest favorite stuffed animal. 

Perhaps you have heard of Budsies before? They are the company that takes your child's drawing and turns it into a stuffed animal! We were so excited when we found out that we were able to review one! So, naturally, my little artist got right to work on drawing his masterpiece creature. Here is what he came up with:

Okay, looking at it from a parent's perspective? I see an oval with Donald Trump hair. But that's just me. When I spoke with Syrus and asked him exactly what he had drawn, his answer was "a fat guinea pig, like Pepey (our guinea pig)." Alright, I can roll with that. So, the process of his Budsie had begun! The process is so easy, too! They have three different methods of how you can submit your drawing, via upload from computer, texting it in, or attaching it to an e-mail. 

The second step is to describe what the drawing is. Well, I obviously had to say it was a fat guinea pig. Awesome description. Love it. But you can describe whether it's happy or sad, how it should look, etc. The last step is to choose your turnaround time. Standard is an estimate to ship within four weeks. So we eagerly awaited on our Budsie! The thing that I love about this company is that they e-mail you during the whole process, letting me know what is going on. They even asked questions like "Should the tail be curly? and Should all the legs be on one side?" They want to get it right. Not a lot of companies out there do. 

Finally the time came......
They even tell you to get your camera before opening it. They know what excitement will ensue upon opening this box!

So Syrus was pretty pumped when he found out his Budsie came in! So the time came to open the box....

LOOK AT IT! It came out amazing! Incredible, awesome, and all the other adjectives I can think of! Syrus loved it! I mean you can tell just by his face! Oh, and I must tell you, he decided to name his new friend Booplesnoot. 

Needless to say, we are very happy with our Budsie! It came out incredible! Syrus loves it, I LOVE IT! I love the whole streamlined process and how the company keeps you updated on the process! There is no doubt in my mind that this would make a great gift for your little one's! Oh, and they just rolled out their Selfies (they make stuffed people)....okay, no. That sounds bad. They make stuffed versions of your favorite people! All in all, we were very happy with our Budsie and we thank them profusely for sponsoring this blog post! 

Click Here To Order Your Own Budsie

Note: Corter Moon was compensated in the form of a free product. However all opinions are my own. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Little Ways To Rekindle The Romance In Your Relationship

There is quite possibly nothing more exciting or more exhilarating than falling in love. It's an incredible and almost indescribable feeling. Thoughts of that special person fill your head, take up most of your time, permeate your dreams. With the infatuation, mixed with pure passion and an overwhelming joy, there is truly nothing that can stack up to those first feelings of falling in love.

But when you've been dating for awhile, or have even gotten married, there are times when those feelings seem like a distant memory, especially if you've had children! Remembering all those little things that you did for each other in the beginning may seem impossible. Almost all relationships experience phases like this at some point or another. It may take some work on both ends, but if it feels like things have gotten stale between the two of you, and that spark has been all but extinguished, try these tips and tricks to rekindle the flame! 

1. Leave Little Notes

There is something about a hand-written note, casually hidden in a lunch bag or purse that seems a little bit covert and a lot of fun. Take time to think about your partner and what made you fall in love with them in the first place. Share how you're feeling with your partner in the note. Sometimes, the best way to open a dialogue between partners is to write a letter. When you're finished penning your prose, place it in an envelope and slip it someplace where your partner is sure to find it. 

2. Schedule Date Nights

While penciling in date nights may not seem like the most romantic way to do things, sometimes, with life in all of it's mundane glory, it can be the best way to do it. Life often happens, jobs to work, kids to dress, dinners to cook, you get the idea. It can get old pretty quickly, and that's why sometimes all the two of you need are a date night to just get away from it all for one night. It doesn't even have to be anything extravagant. Just grabbing a quick bite to eat and hanging out at your favorite coffee place is enough. It's all about reconnecting with and learning about one another all over again. You may just find that you'll learn something brand new about your partner. Try to schedule a date night or two in at least once a month to escape the monotony of your everyday lives. 

3. Play A Game Together

Games aren't just for little kids, you know. If you have children, wait until they're in bed and fast asleep. Locate your stash of board games in the house, and find something to play together. Don't be put off by anything being “too childish” or “too silly!” Adults can enjoy a hardcore game of Candyland just as much as any kid. Playing games are a way to set aside everything that's on your mind for even just a few moments, and to put your thoughts someplace else. It can even open a great dialogue between you and your partner, even if it is just about the game. In the same respect, if you and your partner both So go ahead, get into it, laugh, and enjoy yourselves! 

4. Spice It Up

We mean, of course, in the kitchen. If one of you typically cook dinner and the other does dishes, or have some arrangement similar to that, why not do those things together? Cooking together can be a great way to bring together both of your personal tastes to create a flavorful and delicious dish. Have a good time with it, take time to talk to each other, ask one another how their day was, etc. Activities like this can bring you and your loved one closer to each other. 

5. Reconnect In The Bedroom

In this day and age of being “socially connected” to one another, there are often times where couples couldn't feel more disconnected with each other. When bedtime rolls around, leave the gadgets outside of the bedroom! Before going to sleep, take a few moments to recount the goings-on of your days to one another. Share what made you happy, what upset you, and one thing you're looking forward to in the coming week. Let your partner do the same. Share affection with each other, enjoy each others bodies, and take time to be intimate.

By taking little steps to improve your relationship with each other, you're on the right track to igniting that “spark” that you both once felt. Remember to always keep the lines of communication open between you and your partner, share when something is bothering you, or if you need or want something. Believe that the relationship will get better and you're on your way to passion and romance once more.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why Basic Invite is Your New Best Friend When it Comes to Creating The Perfect Invitation!

The invitation you choose for any event you may be throwing plays a huge role in the special day. Whether you have a baby shower to plan, or a first birthday for a soon to be one year old, the invite will set the tone for the entire day! As it is the first thing your guests will see, you want to make sure it makes a statement and really impresses your loved ones. That’s why there are sites out there like Basic Invite who works hard to create perfectly customized stationery for any and every major life event! The amount of reasons that sets Basic Invite apart are about as limitless as their color options, but here’s just a few of many reasons why Basic Invite is your new best friend when it comes to creating the perfect keepsake stationery!

(Almost) Unlimited Color Options To Choose From!

With each of their card being completely customizable, the amount of color options to choose from is overwhelming! Choose from over 160 different colors and fonts with instant preview. You can insure your invite is unique and true to your own personal sense of style by being able to completely customize each element on every invitation right down to the tiniest detail! This is definitely one of the biggest draws that sets Basic Invite a part from the rest!

Custom Samples

Basic Invite is one of the few sites out there that allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can see exactly how it will print as well as the paper quality before you ever have to place an order for 500 invitations. You can see first hand exactly how your invite will look to guests! This will save you any second guessing or last minute touches you would like to make to your invite before ordering your invites in bulk.

Over 40 Different Colored Envelopes

Basic Invite’s color options don’t just stop with their invites, you can choose from over 40 different color’s for your envelopes as well! All of Basic Invite’s envelopes are also peel and seal, which will save you tons of time and will be quickly and securely closed without having to lick each one.

Basic Invite has a card for every major life moment. From graduation announcements, to birth announcements, and more; Basic Invite is your go to when it comes to creating an invite your loved ones will hold onto forever!

Note: This post was sponsored by Basic Invite.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Get So Well With Himalayan Salt Lamps!

As many of you know, Syrus, as well as myself have been pretty ill this year. We did the whole spiel of seeing doctors and taking medications and such. But there was something we hadn't tried yet. Purifying the air indoors. Who knows if all that dust was making the little one sneeze, right? 

We were lucky enough to receive a Solay Salt Lamp from So Well! Himalayan salt lamps are natural air purifiers, emitting healthy ions into the air. For one, they last forever. I mean, they are already ancient anyway. But they are also a cheaper alternative to those rather expensive air purifiers that we normally see being sold in big box stores. Here is some more info from the So Well website on the benefits of salt lamps:

Every product on their website is handcrafted, and each lamp is truly a different work of art. They have so very many ones to choose from. But we decided on the Grey Himalayan Cube Salt Light!

We chose this one because it can go with any decor, and we just love the natural look. It's so beautiful, isn't it? I put it right next to our bed on our nightstand. We got some great shots of it with the light on and in the dark. Check it out!

In The Light

I have to say that I, as well as my husband are absolutely in love with this beautiful lamp. And I can definitely say with certainty that we can feel a difference in the air. It's crisper, cleaner. The other thing that I love about it? It doubles as a night-light! I have even found myself sleeping better since receiving this lamp! 

Here it is in the dark! Beautiful, isn't it?
In addition to all of the benefits that himalayan salt lamps offer, they are really statement pieces that can tie any room together! We love ours, and I sleep with it on every single night. In my opinion, every home should have a salt lamp! Like I said above, it's definitely a cheaper alternative to big and bulky air purifiers! All in all, we love it! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Give Any Room With A View With Fathead Decals!


 It's already the middle of May, smack dab right in the middle of spring! Sure, we've spruced up outside, but it was certainly high time to do some re-decorating inside! As some of you do know, right now, we live with my mom, in order to save money up for our own home. We almost never get to give back to her, so when I learned we would get to try out Fathead Decals, I was all over it, and I knew exactly what one I was going to get!

My mother absolutely adores lighthouses! She has them everywhere in her home, and she was getting antsy to redecorate her living room a little bit. I thought that a Fathead decal was just the thing to do it! I mean, we can literally give any room a room with a view! So once our decal came in, we were excited to put up our new window decal! 

Once we got it out of the package, we were ready for installation! You might need an extra set of hands to help you out, but that's no big deal. My good old hubby helped us out with this one! As you can see, this wall is pretty bare. It needed something. Yes, there is a little crack in the wall that we haven't fixed yet, but the decal is great at covering up imperfections, too! This decal was going to look awesome there, I just knew it! 

Now it was time to get this baby up on the wall! The hubs was really great about getting it up pretty quickly! I absolutely love the ease of putting these up. They are just peel and stick and done! It is that easy! 

See how easy it really is? Anyone can put a Fathead decal up on their wall.

Plus, instead of a credit card to smooth out the bubbles, Fathead sent along a neat little tool that we could use to do it! It worked very well!

Here is the finished product! Doesn't it just look beautiful? My mom is absolutely in love with it, and is ecstatic that her living room has a brand new pop of color and this new "window!" 

Here she is, excited about her new Fathead window decal! 

Now that we've spruced up the living room, onto the bedrooms! We're going to Fathead everything!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's Time To Talk - NOW

Did you know that "1 in 5 Americans have a mental health condition. With the right care, recovery is possible. But, most people aren’t getting the care they need. In fact, the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 73% of Americans say that a lack of access to mental health care is a major problem."

I've talked quite a bit about my mental illnesses here before, such as my "Pure O" post and the "5 Things I Want My Son To Know About Mental Illness." It's become a big part of my life, well, because it is a big part of my life. It's part of who I am as a person, but it doesn't define me as a person. I try to look at it that I am living with an illness, just like anybody else could be living with. But you can't see it. 

Aye, but you can, if you look close enough at me. With my strange type of OCD, it's mostly obsessional, but a bit compulsive, as well. You can catch me tapping a pencil on the table exactly 20 times, tapping my foot on the floor in repetitions of five, doing random things in a sequence of numbers. Compulsions are supposed to quell the obsessions, but they rarely do for me. Looking back, when I was 9, I can remember my first "thought," as we like to call them in our house. Nine years old. Bouncing from psychiatrist to psychiatrist. At one point I was on 100MG of Zoloft at 9 years-old! I was just a child with a mental illness. My parents did their best to do what they could. But insurance combined with my psychiatrists that kept leaving, it was hard.

But, I digress. I dealt with many mental misdiagnoses trying to get to the bottom of what was really going on inside my head. As a teenager growing up, my head was a scary place to be. And I don't just mean that in a regular hormonal-teenage way, either. My symptoms were getting worse, and I was being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar Depression, Monopolar Depression, you name it, they tried to slap a label on it. What's worse, is when I would tell them what was going on in my mind, they would immediately want to put me inpatient. Even though I wasn't a danger to anyone or myself. They were judging me. Looking at me, assuming I'm going to snap at any second. 

I went through a few therapists. Some tried to help, again, others wanted to put me away. But why? My purely obsessional OCD, and I am going out on a limb here, sharing this with the world, but I am not ashamed anymore, involves thoughts of wanting to harm others, specifically those closest to me. My psychiatrist says that everyone has a fleeting thought like this sometime in their life, but instead of letting it float on by, my OCD makes it so that it plays over and over like a broken record, telling me I'm insane. Do you know how TERRIFYING that is? Not only to a nine year-old, not only to a teenager, but to an improperly diagnosed adult? It wasn't until one therapist said something about "Pure O," that we started researching it. As we did, tears fell from my eyes. This was what I was feeling. All I needed was a proper diagnosis. 

I finally did end up inpatient, but that was for post-partum depression. There, I saw a psychiatrist who definitely seemed to know what he was doing. And that was the beginning of a really great doctor-patient relationship that we still maintain to this day. He did indeed agree that I have "Purely Obsessional" OCD, and he put me on a combination of medication that he thought would work best. Since there aren't too many medications out there for OCD, he put me on Luvox. But he also diagnosed me with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Wellbutrin XL was prescribed for my MDD and Xanax for my GAD. 

I don't know how many times I've asked my doctor if I will ever "snap." He always soothes me by saying that the thoughts of people with "Pure O," are ego-dystonic, meaning the thought is the furthest thing from anything that person could, would, or ever do. Am I a psychopath? No. Am I a sociopath? No. Am I mentally ill? Absolutely. Even though I thought it was something to be ashamed of, it really isn't. I've come to terms that I'll live with this for the rest of my life. I'm okay with that. I am choosing to be stigma free. 

What's not okay is the social stigma that still surrounds mental illness and those who live and cope with it on a daily basis. We don't want to be called "psychos" when and if we choose to let you into that private world of ours. Until now, only a handful of select people knew about it. But for the sake of ANYONE out there living with similar symptoms, I urge you to seek out help. These days, the thoughts are barely there, and if they are, they're gone as fast as they come. Less my physical ailments, I am happy. Sure, I get episodes of MDD, but that is par for the course. Ride the ebbs and flows of it. Isn't that what we all have to do to get through life anyway? 

I'm dropping some links below that may be helpful. Please visit them. Share them. 
Post to your social media outlets! Use the hashtags #IAmStigmaFree #OkayToSay #MentalHealthWeek2016 #MentalHealth