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Friday, June 21, 2019

To The Children I Will Never Carry: My Hysterectomy Story

It has been about a week, post-op for me. It was a hellish week. Beginning with crazy abdominal pain that sent me to the emergency room, I was released after being pumped full of Dilaudid. Not my favorite thing to do on a weekend. I was told to go back to the hospital and was admitted this time. Only my pain was not getting better. It was getting worse and worse. It started with 0.5 milligrams of Dilaudid every six hours to 2 milligrams every 3 hours. For reference, that is a lot. 

I had been planning the surgery with my urogynecologist for a little bit. He didn't really want to do it, but he was willing to do anything to help me with my pain. My hospitalist contacted his office to see if they could get him to do it on an emergency case. But he was on vacation. However, I got the number of another urogynecologist, but they were almost two hours away. I gave it a shot and called. 

After some back and forth, this doctor agreed to the operation. He said he could guarantee some pain relief, but not all. I was willing to risk it. It's not like I haven't taken a risk before, hoping to feel better, whether it be medication or the stimulators that I have in my back. I spoke with my husband, our local hospital discharged me, and we were on our way, stopping at home to get some essentials and we headed out. We were on our way to Hackensack University Medical Center. 

I was told to go to the emergency department, from which I would be admitted to the hospital for a hysterectomy. The doctor I spoke to tried to talk me out of it several times. But I was in so much pain. I get it, I'm not even thirty yet. And, even though I know that a hysterectomy does not always cure endometriosis, it certainly can take away the fuel for the fire that makes it grow. 

I entered the emergency department on Thursday, June 13th. I was in surgery on Saturday, June 15th at approximately 1:30PM. It was Father's Day. What a great Father's Day gift, right? Totally take away your husband's ability to ever have any more children with you. But, my God, my husband is amazing. I am forever grateful for him. He slept in a chair next to me just so he could be with me. He never complained, not once. 

He bought me trashy magazines to read to keep my mind occupied, and found two beautiful treasures in the gift shop that I will cherish for always. One is an anchor charm that says "hope." I cried when he gave them to me. My husband, my rock, my one and only love in this life. He has stuck with me through thick and thin, all of these years. He hasn't left my side. 

Coming out of surgery, I was in some pretty bad post-op pain. That, and the fact that the hospital kind of didn't give me all of my normal medications, I became a blubbering mess. I began apologizing over and over again to my husband, telling him how very sorry I was that we could not have any more children. Guilt was eating me up. I had wanted more children, so did he. But ultimately it came down to being able to be there for the child that we were blessed with. The unpredictability of passing out and being laid up and not being able to take care of my child was killing me. It had gone on long enough. 

Our Syrus, he is growing like a weed these days. In less than two months he will turn nine years old. That saying of "don't blink" is true. I'm a believer now. He is such a little gentleman, so polite. So kind to his peers, being a good friend to them. He's even learning to stand up for himself. It is truly amazing to watch your child develop into their own personality. He is so good with his baby cousin. He constantly wants to feed him, even foregoing video game time to do so. He loves that little baby with all his heart, I can tell. He even made a "secret handshake" between him and the baby. 

That warms my heart. It truly does. He may never have a blood-related sibling, but he does have his cousin. My sister and I are so close to each other. We each love our respective nephews and would do anything for them. It is fun to watch her child grow and develop. It brings my husband and me back to when Syrus was a baby. 

We wanted more children, a larger family. It is a little hard to think about. But this hysterectomy was something that I had to do. My husband told me that he wanted ME back. His wife, a wife that can live without the fear of passing out due to the pain. We never knew where, and we never knew when it would happen. 

I've lived with the dull, throbbing pain for 9 years. Coming up on one-week post-op, today is the first day that I can say, and I don't want to jinx it, but I can say that I have zero pelvic pain. Z-E-R-0. It freaks me out a little bit. Did this actually work? I haven't passed out. This is crazy stuff. Will I be able to get off some of the medications that I took for the pain? I'm not getting my hopes too high yet.

But, here's to better days ahead. A life with less pain, a life with my amazing son and incredible husband. I may never have another child of my own again, but I'm slowly coming to terms with it. You never know, down the road there are other options. But for now? I'm going to live life on my terms. I have faith that I will one day be able to drive again. Things are on the up and up. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

How Pocomos Can Take Your Pest Control Business To The Next Level

It is that time of year again. Where the pests come out to play. Rooms run rife with ants, termites total wooden porches. Business is most definitely going to start booming again - and soon. The warm season is most definitely upon us. With your growing pest control business, why not switch to better customer relationship management (CRM) software? It is definitely time to hop into the 21st century! Pocomos can help your business do just that!

How Will It Help Your Business?

There are many ways that Pocomos can take your business into the future. One of the largest features that they pride themselves on is being customer focused. With their CRM software, you are able to do quite a number of things, which include the ability to get in touch with your customers in a super easy manner. With their platform, you can e-mail, text or call your customers with absolute ease. 

Another wonderful thing about their software is that it is responsive. Meaning that you can literally access your entire "office" from out in the field. Whether it be from your smartphone, tablet or computer, you will be able to see what is going on in real time with your business! 

Pocomos was absolutely created with pest control management businesses in mind. If you need help with things like bookkeeping, for example, this is the software for your business! The platform allows you to track all of your sales, your revenue and more! 

Go Paperless

So many businesses are going "paperless" these days, and you can too! With Pocomo's software, you are able to create unique e-contracts for your clients! They will be able to sign with a swipe of their finger! You are also able to collect your payment while out in the field! Pocomos takes care of all of that for you! You can even collect credit and debit card payments! You can even see all of your earnings in real time. 

Track Your Sales

Find out exactly what works for you and your pest control business! Does knocking not seem to be an effective method of marketing? You can track just exactly how many leads you get from doing that. How about word of mouth? Well, you can also track that! This way you are able to look from wherever you are and see what is working for you and what is not. Then, you are able to work accordingly from that! 

Why Pocomos?

They are a totally integrative CRM software solution to your pest control management service! From their website, you can even see a demonstration or get a trial login to see what they are all about! They are very reasonably priced, depending on the size of your business! They even have free customer service to be able to help you anytime you need it! If you are looking to move to a different CRM, Pocomos is definitely the one to go with! They care about their customers, and they are ready to help you to take your business up to the next level! 

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Friday, March 22, 2019

On Becoming An Aunt

It's an incredible feeling to have your own children, there is no doubt in that. But it seems there is something pretty special about becoming an aunt/uncle. There is a certain feeling I can't quite put my finger on. In a little under a month, my nephew, Dante Michael will enter this world.

I don't want to say it feels weird. I guess the more appropriate word is it feels different. Yes, I have my own incredible son that I would die for. But there is a feeling of wanting to be protective of my nephew, too. He isn't even here yet, and I already know that I would do anything in the world for this child.

I think my feelings stem from the fact that it's my little sister who is pregnant. We are not really that far apart in age. A mere 2.5 years. Making me 29 and she will turn 27 on the 28th of April. But it's so strange to think that this girl, well really, woman is going to have a child of her own. She is going to become a mother, like me. She is going to get to experience all the wonderful joys of motherhood.

Jessy has always had my back, no matter what. We've been through a lot together. From watching our father die of AIDS/Hep C at ages 9 and 12, respectively. We had to re-watch the whole thing play over again in front of our eyes with our mom's boyfriend, Dan, who passed away from cancer in 2015, who we both were extremely close to. Jess and her fiancee even chose the middle name Michael, as an homage to our father. That is something so special.

Nostalgically, I look back to the times when we were both teenagers. She'd invite me into her room to play video games with her. I look back on those times very fondly. Of course, then, as siblings typically do, we fight like cats and dogs. But we can't ever stay mad at each other for more than a day or so.

I have two best friends in this world. My husband, and my sister. I love them both fiercely. Obviously, there is a different love for each. I would do anything for Jessy, and I know that she would do the same for me. She has the best sense of humor and she can always make me laugh when I need it.

She has a heart of gold and will jump at the opportunity to help another person at a moment's notice. I know that she will be such an incredible mother. I cannot wait to see her interact with her son. I look forward to seeing the pure joy on her face when he reaches his milestones. I know and remember that feeling well.

She has found such an amazing man. He stands by her side, no matter what. Their relationship is a beautiful one. They share a love of gaming. They make each other laugh. It's really wonderful, and I couldn't be more happy for her.

Jess and Dylan, 

I want you to know that you two are going to be 100% amazing parents. You both are strong and incredible human beings. Dante is very lucky to have you as his parents. He is going to thrive and will be an amazing little boy. Cherish the small moments. Don't worry about the little things in life. I've learned that everything always works out, in the end. Learn from your mistakes, and know that we have all made mistakes. Parenting isn't an exact science and we all have our own methods of how we want to raise our children. Stick to what you want.

Enjoy every moment with him. Snuggle and play as much as you can. This is something that every single mom says to other moms. But I will repeat it here, anyway. Don't blink. You have seen how amazingly quick Syrus has turned from newborn to toddler, kindergartner and will enter the fourth grade in the fall. He will be 10 next year. So, soak up those beautiful moments while you can. Jess, listen to your motherly instincts. They are usually right. You'll understand what I mean soon.

I know that you guys are going to kick ass at parenting. I love you both. You guys are going to be great. And as for Dante? I already love him with all of my heart. I look forward to spending the days with Jess, and him. 

Syrus is so so excited to become a cousin. Even if there is an age gap. He is already ready to read to him, feed him and hold him (all with supervision, of course!)

Dante Michael, you are so loved by many people. I can't wait to meet you soon. 


Your Aunt Jenn.

Monday, February 4, 2019

A Few Words On World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day. I had never known anyone with cancer until November 2013, when my stepfather, Dan, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He hadn't been able to keep food down for months. Due to the lack of accessible healthcare, he didn't get checked out until months down the road of not being able to eat. After an initial endoscopy was done to see what was going on (we thought maybe harmless ulcers), they found a tumor, did a biopsy, and sure enough, it came back as cancer. Our worlds were turned upside down, especially my mom's. He had surgery in 2014, and they were able to remove the tumor. We celebrated, we were so excited!

But because they had to remove part of his esophagus and hook it to his stomach, a stent was needed. Initially, it was a metal stent that had to get changed every three months. Then, the doctors thought that a mesh stent would last longer. Fast forward to late June 2015. Dan wasn't feeling well AT ALL. He ended up at the ER, with a collapsed lung and not being able to eat again. The doctors did a swallow test to see why he wasn't able to eat, and found that the mesh stent that was placed in his esophagus, ate right through it, therefore essentially creating a hole that could not be repaired.

He was sent home to us to become comfortable. Suddenly, we were faced with having to say goodbye to one of the most incredible people that had ever been in my life. Despite having two grown daughters of his own, he took in my sister and I and treated us like we were his very own. Even going as far as tattooing mine and my sister's name on his arm, along with his own two kids. He left this world on July 9th, 2015.

My son had his first encounter with death. He was five. They were "buddies," Dan adored Syrus so much, and vice versa. Perhaps if he would've gotten checked out sooner, he may still be here. But then again, if my dad didn't stick a needle in his arm, he'd still be here, too. Sadly, I cannot look at the "what-ifs," and I can't look backwards. Cancer stole somebody who loved us unconditionally, and whom we loved unconditionally.

Life certainly hasn't been the same since you've left, Dan. But I really hope that we're all making you proud. We miss you so much. I keep one of your favorite hats hung up in my room. The Christmas card you gave me, the last thing I have with your handwriting on it, is pinned to my cork-board. The "special gift" that you gave me hangs in my closet. I cherish the memories of you and Syrus playing around, and how he would just contently sit next to you and play on your iPad. It just isn't the same without you here.

You taught me patience, resilience, when to speak up, and when to keep quiet. You were there for me at the roughest points in my life. I am forever grateful that I knew you for the nine years that I did. You were an amazing person, who everyone got along with. But, before I start crying, which I know you wouldn't want me to do, I'll just say this:

PLEASE, if you or someone you love is having strange symptoms and you do not know WHY, I implore you to visit your doctor or local hospital. Sure, I know that the bills can be hard to think about. But your life is irreplaceable, and there are people in it that need you to stay around. Early detection is the best protection. 

Please visit to see how you can help out!

I love and miss you, Dan.

Love always and forever,

Monday, December 17, 2018

How A Home Loan Can Put You On The Fast Track To Becoming Homeowners

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So, after searching and searching, high and low, you and your partner have found the house of your dreams. Now you are ready to get the process going and get the ball rolling. This is what you've dreamed about! So, how can you kick start the process? Well, you could get a home loan. Especially if you are someone like me, who is self-employed, you could check out self employed loans Tampa.

Home Loan vs Mortgage

A home loan is a loan that is advanced to a person to assist them in purchasing a house. It is not the same thing as a mortgage. With a mortgage, the property itself is reserved as collateral, in the event that payment can no longer be made, a mortgage allows the bank the right to sell the property.

A home loan enables buyers to purchase a property in its entirety. The loan is a type of relationship between borrower and a lender.  They generally consist of either adjustable or fixed-rate payment terms.

Why Go With A Home Loan

Home loans are helpful to you, not only when you are purchasing a home, but for other reasons as well. It help you to build good credit, helping to secure your future, should you want to make any other large purchases, such as automobiles. Not to mention, come tax time, you can save big time! A home loan is just the easier and makes for a better choice when it comes to purchasing a home.

Purchasing A Home

Purchasing a home is a pretty big deal, and you want to make the right choices. The smart choices, if you will. It is always best to go over what you want to do with your partner. But if  you are both ready to jump into buying your dream home feet first, you both need to consider a home loan.

It is the quicker and easier way of buying a home. Just think, the faster you purchase your home, the quicker you can get to the things that really matter, like making memories and having fun in it! You will get to decorate just how you want it, and all the fun things that go along with owning your very own home.


Even if you are only thinking about buying a home, it is still a good thing to do your research. You can find all kinds of information on home loans online. Or, you could even go to your local library. If you happen to have a friend that is also a realtor, that is a bonus. They can clue you in on the market at that moment.

There is so much that goes on with purchasing a new home. Buying a home is exciting, it is a whirlwind of emotions, a wild ride. But one thing for sure that is a guarantee? It is all going to be worth it in the end. Because in the end, it is all about family, and the one you will raise in your new home.

Monday, December 3, 2018

For Purpose Kids Subscription Box Review

I was gifted a free product in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

It's not often that I come across a subscription box - and you guys know how much I love my subscription boxes, that I find one that really touches my heart. When I found For Purpose Kids, I was really kind of pumped! When they allowed me to review a box of theirs, I won't lie, I did a little happy dance! 

The whole center of their box is to Be kind. Do good. Make the world better. I love that. My husband and I have and always will teach Syrus to be a kind-hearted little boy. And, we've seen it in him. He is a little gentleman. He holds open doors for people, says please and thank you to others, and even cheers up his fellow classmates if they're being picked on, or just look lonely. He even has an elderly pen pal he writes to from second grade, and they plan on meeting up again soon! 

That's why I was excited for this box. I knew my Sy would love it. And he totally did. Everything came packed beautifully and neatly in a lovely package. 

Now when we get inside the package, we are welcomed with an exciting message about being ready to learn all about meeting your child. Syrus was really excited!

After that, we meet the For Purpose Friends! A group of fictional global kids of various ages that are out doing varying good deeds in their part of the world, inspiring your child to do the same!

We were also provided with cut-outs of the For-Purpose Friends and Popsicle sticks so that we could make puppets out of them, and so that they could even help us on our quests to do good! But we haven't quite gotten to that part yet, as you can see. A certain little one had an ear infection and sinus issues. 

But let's get down to business here! We have our Commitment To Action here, where Syrus vows to always be helpful! You can see that below!

Now when we opened the box he got really excited because he saw books! This kid loves books! One of the books is called the The Giving Book by Ellen Sabin. There is also a space below the author's name for your child's name to go. And there is even a place right where that little globe is to stick a favorite picture of your child in there! This is essentially there go-to "good" ideas book. It has all kinds of ways that teaches them in what ways they can give back to their community, what they are thankful for, etc. Here is Sy being super-excited about the book!

We also received a "Journal of Purpose and Action," where Syrus can write about all the good deeds that he has done, or some ideas that he has come up with about doing! 

Finally, we have Syrus actually working in his Giving Book! Here, he was filling out what he was thankful for. I'll keep it private to respect his privacy, but I will tell you it was sweet and it was kind. Let me tell you what this kid asked Santa for for Christmas? Friends and family being together. And in school he asked for world peace. This kid. A sweetheart he is. But anyway, here he is filling out his Giving Book!

All in all, I fell in love with the For Purpose Kids box! There is no doubt about it! I love the whole idea behind it, I love what it stands for, I love everything about it! I definitely recommend it to any parent who wants to introduce their child to the world of giving back to the world around them! 

Want to try it for yourself?!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Nancy Behrman: A True Go-Getter

Nancy Behrman, a self-motivated and highly motivated career woman is at the forefront of her industry. She currently owns and runs her own business, Behrman Communications. She began her business out of her studio apartment approximately thirty years ago. Behrman wasn’t satisfied with the PR options of old, and decided to go her own way and jump in with both feet, beginning Behrman Communications. Since then, she has earned respect from all kinds of people from all walks of life including celebrity aestheticians, doctors of dermatology and plastic surgery, makeup artists and more.

When asked how her life experience made her the leader she is today she says that going out at 25 years old was definitely a motivating factor for her. She said, “Failure simply wasn’t an option,” for her. She had begun her own business venture, and thus she needed to wear a lot of hats, like owner and leader of her own business. She steadily grew into the leadership role more as time went on.

With a fierce work ethic, she made certain to get to know the right people in the media. Even at the tender age of 22 she made friends with magazine assistants, often going out for drinks and renting beach houses together in the summer. This industry soon became her lifestyle and gave her the connections needed to start her own business.

Behrman had started her career at Kiehl’s Since 1851, and shared a special relationship with CEO Jami Heidegger, with them both being the same age. They shared a symbolic relationship. Heidegger let her try what she wanted in the way of PR, no matter how unconventional it was. Soon, Kiehl’s wasn’t a brand name only heard in the underground, but one that everyone was hearing.

Behrman’s advice to women who want a career in the PR industry is to be “whole heartedly comitted; ambivalence is no good in this industry, or in any aspect of life for that matter.” She is also a big advocate of owning your mistakes.

In her thirty years in business, the importance of achieving a balance between her work and personal lives are one of the biggest lessons she has learned. Even now she says that it is still a work in progress. There were times that she recalled being so committed to her agency that her personal life suffered, with the exception of her children, they always came first to her. Since realizing her personal life had suffered, she now has started working remotely from her home, exercising and even taking vacations. She says it gives her a “greater sense of balance” to her life, and makes her a better boss as well.

Behrman admires many other female leaders, with some of them being Tina Brown, Gwynne Thomas, a TV producer, Nicky Kinnaird, founder of Space NK, and Jami Heidegger, founder of Kiehl’s Since 1851. In the coming year, Behrman hopes to accomplish many things like having every person that is ready to be promoted to be promoted with a new title and salary. She would also like to see her own team to seek out new businesses on their own.

All in all, Nancy Behrman is a go-getter, highly-motivated self-starter who jumped right in, and wasn’t afraid to take risks. She is a successful businesswoman and is an inspiration to all girl-bosses around the world.

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